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Finix Hotel

The hotel is placed near Casino complex “Finix” and night club “Fashion Hall Kulata” , only breath away from the precious Greece and few kilometers from the southwestern city of Bulgaria – Petrich.

While  entering you’ll dive into dimension of full ecstasy. Interior where Industrial style and designer solutions are combined, floral and retro vibes are complementing the beautiful interior will brought you into the middle of seventy’s. The Hotel offers all day high quality of services and free parking, twenty-four seven video surveillance and constant security, in order to be your visit fully undisturbed and carefree.

Where to go, what to see in a range of 20 km from the casino

Roupel Forth when coming to Bulgaria before tolls

Agistro – thermal waters and spa

The castle of King Samuel (Samuilova Krepost )where the battle with the Kingdom of Bulgaria was conducted during the Byzantine years

The location of Rupite where there are healing mineral water springs, the natural temperature of which reaches 75 degrees Celsius

Visit to Baba Vanga’s (Vangelia (Evangelia) Gusterova) burial site, She is considered to be one of the world’s most successful prophet, since 85% of her predictions have been verified.

The archaeological site where the sculptures of the ancient city of Herakelia Petra Sintikis, were found. Today is part of the 100 National Tourist Attractions, since it is one of the best preserved ancient cities

Visit for shopping and coffee to Petrich

The Rozen Monastery (Rozen) is one of the few medieval monasteries in Bulgaria.

Byzantine Fortress Melnik was a place of exile for Byzantine officials. Today Melnik is the oldest and most popular wine destination in Bulgaria.

Visit for shopping and coffee to Sandanski

Thermal baths, mud baths and spa in Marikostinovo