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Table Games

You love the excitement that Live Games can give you? Maybe you want to experience the glamorous and trilling life as seen in the movies? We have what you need! With all your favorite games, you can enjoy an unforgettable play with our friendly and experienced croupiers and have your chance to fulfill all your dreams. We have: 2 Blackjack tables min. bet 5 Euros max. bet 500Euros + min. bet 10 Euros max. bet 500 Euros 3 Poker tables min. bet 5 Euros max. bet 100 Euros   Caribian Poker + Ultimate Texas + Novo Poker2 American Roulette Tablesmin. bet  1 Euro max. bet 100 Euros + min. bet 2 Euros max. bet 100 Euros


Do you want to compete with other players for the big Price? Do you want to have a game full of excitement and adventure and be victorious? We give you the opportunity to have it all and even more. Either with our weekly tournament or on the sit and go tables, you can play against other adventurous people like yourself. Even if you are new to the game, our staff is there to help you, so you can play for the big price.